Low Tide

Too much heat at the house drove me and my roommate to the far end of the Smiling Cove Marina this afternoon. The cool breeze blowing gently immediately refreshed us. The tide was out and we picked our way among the sharp rocks and corals at the shore. Here is one of the photos I … Continue reading Low Tide

My puto of the day

Ang Puto ni manang Lily 4 pieces for $1.50 pautang, collection on payday. I already ate one, and decided to resurrect my blog from a loooong hibernation even with just one photo entry everyday . Here is my come-back entry for today. Ang puto ni manang Lily. bow

Cocktails at the Sunset Bar

After over a year of silence, I'm back to this site with a couple of Piñacolada cocktail drinks for a re-starter. Against a spectacular sunset, the drink was superb at the Pacific Islands Club Sunset Bar last Friday with a  buddy.Hopefully, I will not be hit with extreme bouts of laziness again and keep this … Continue reading Cocktails at the Sunset Bar

Locked Out!

HAVE you ever experienced being locked out of your car, where no matter how much you tried fitting in the key won’t work? We did, a week ago and it was not pleasant. It was getting late and both fellow reporter Junhan and I wanted nothing more than to be home from a day’s brain-draining … Continue reading Locked Out!